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Binocs aligns resource demand and capacity

  1. Web based business application
  2. Enterprise ready, yet easy to use
  3. Great in laboratories, QC/QA, regulatory affairs and R&D departments
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Binocs resource planning is here to help

Have visibility into incoming demand and corresponding workload
Pro-actively align the workload with the available capacity
Act on capacity problems far before they cause last-minute staffing changes or late delivery
Monitor performance KPIs such as planning adherence, productivity and turnaround times

Give Binocs a try

Sign up for free and give Binocs a try.

A great match for laboratories, QC and QA, R&D and regulatory affairs.
Trusted by some of the world's biggest brands. View all our clients.

  • GSK
  • Pfizer
  • UCB

How does it work?

Constantly balance demand and capacity in 6 simple steps:

  • Structure and capture demand: Binocs brings all demand, coming from anywhere and everywhere, under one roof. Captured automatically, uploaded from Excel workbooks or manually maintained in an intuitive web user interface.
  • Manage services: Translate demand to workload by standardizing your teams services as building blocks. Define workload, lead times, offsets and more.
  • Manage your team capacity: Manage competences and availabilities of your teams and exchange resources in periods of peak demand, Binocs will take them into account.
  • Analyze capacity and get insights: The Binocs algorithm calculates your resource requirements and shows you where collisions and problems arise. It can take into account competences, priorities and resource availabilities.
  • Simulate work and create scenarios: Binocs lets you create “what if” scenarios to discover new possible issues and compare different solutions to decide upon the best option.
  • Schedule task lists and track progress: Provide teams with a comprehensive task list and help to track the work progress and performance KPIs

Collaborative workforce capacity management

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