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Do you need a PMO or an RMO?

Do You Need A Pmo Or An Rmo

PMOs tend to team up with the project managers and see the senior managers and sponsors as their main stakeholders. But this little 2nd leg under the P includes that the resource managers need to be recognized as another major stakeholder. Functional teams are the delivery engines of the project portfolio and in many cases they don't get the visibility they need to keep their engines running efficiently. The PMO needs to facilitate and organize this.

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Resource Capacity Planning in R&D

R&D resource planning seeks to answer the basic question: "What capabilities will we need in the future, and how will we get them?” The specialized nature of knowledge involved and the length of time it takes to develop required skills makes R&D Workforce capacity planning particularly challenging. Binocs helps to align the capacity of scientists and engineers with the demand to perform projects and to come up with new ideas."

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