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Events  » October 28-30, 2016 - Berlin - organized by Berlin Change Days    

Berlin Change Days 2016

Berlin Change Days 2016

After event review:

We’ve been trying to fit it in our agenda for a few years now: Participating at the Berlin Change Days (BCD), one of the largest European events on Change Management. And this year we finally made it! During the Halloween weekend, we settled down in Berlin to find out about the newest trends and must have’s in Change Management today.

To change or to disrupt? That’s the question!

With “disruption” being one of the hot buzz words, the BCD team strategically chose to focus the conference on “The Art of Disruption”. How are the world, our economy, organizations and even individuals being disrupted by both external and internal factors? Is change today different from change many years ago? How disruptively different do we need to address change management in the future from change management in the past? And how will changes evolve over time?

All interesting stuff to condition our mind. Binocs might be a low-treshold resource management platform, but it is our experience that good change management is still one of the big enablers to make the resource planning process sustainable in the organization.

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