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Events  » November 24, 2016 - Antwerp - organized by VIB-PICS    

Bridgestone & bluecrux win the Supply Chain Award 2016

Bridgestone & bluecrux win the Supply Chain Award 2016

After event review:

Bridgestone Europe and bluecrux proudly won the Supply Chain Award – Project of the Year 2016 handed out by PICS-VIB. The jury praised the outstanding change management approach and the multilevel impact throughout different levels of the supply chain, going beyond traditional boundaries. Additionally, they selected the project for creating a clear burning platform and evidence based financial contribution to both top and bottom line.

Our winning Visibility Project (Vi-P) is about creating the ultimate linked supply chain by bringing the customer close to the manufacturing plants. By connecting production planning, distribution planning, transport planning and available-to-promise processes, it is giving the final customer more visibility on future product availability ultimately increasing customer satisfaction in a B2B environment. The backbone IT solution links the outcome of a planning optimization tool with the business’ commercial ERP systems. The system for production & distribution planning is OMP, while the order promise logic is covered by SAP.

The award concludes a 2,5-year journey focused on reliable Visibility. What started with some paper drawings discussing process, organization and tool requirements with a small team went over to a whole team journey. We guided more than 800 stakeholders in discovering what Visibility meant for them and how they could prepare themselves for the upcoming changes. A unique story of a focused and motivated team – delivering ahead of time, in budget and with significant impact both for Bridgestone Europe and its customers.

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