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Events  » December 6, 2016 - Mechelen - organized by Bluecrux    

How to turn change agents into change communities

How to turn change agents into change communities

After event review:

Effectively organizing change goes beyond the deployment of tools. Binocs is generally experienced as an easy to use tool with clear-cut concepts and features, but don’t underestimate the soft part of your transformation journey. Include the human aspects of change management in your approach. How can you trigger both the heart and the mind of your people? Can change agents help you with that? And what can you do to develop change communities?

During this unique Meeting of Minds, bluecrux and Luc Galoppin merged their methods and enhance them with practical examples from their business experience. All interesting stuff to condition our mind. Binocs might be a low-treshold resource management platform, but it is our experience that good change management is still one of the big enablers to make the resource planning process sustainable in the organization.

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