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Events  » June 15 or 20, 2017 - Webinar - organized by Bluecrux    

6 Steps to the next QC lab performance level
Webinar with cases from the field

6 Steps to the next QC lab performance level<br><u>Webinar</u> with cases from the field

In case you missed the webinar, you can still watch the recording.

QC labs need to increase analyst and asset utilization, improve first-time-right and decrease or control lead times.

With the Binocs resource planning solution, you plan the flow of activities in your QC lab while keeping your team motivated:

  • Avoid firefighting by tackling bottlenecks proactively
  • Collaboration between teams never was this easy
  • Teams can estimate their work more quickly and more accurately
  • Get the transparency you need to report on your lean lab’s efficiency
  • Keep up analyst motivation by avoiding last minute planning changes

Learn from other QC labs how they implemented their lab planning processes:

Register for June, Thursday 15th, 16:00 CEST // 9 AM EDT

Register for June, Tuesday 20th, 17:00 CEST // 10 AM EDT

Registration is free.

Who should attend?

  • QC directors, laboratory directors, laboratory managers, lab systems managers


Introduction: Why is resource planning a critical success factor for world class lab performance?

Good practices demo with cases as applied at GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer and UCB, we explain QC planning in 6 comprehensive steps with examples for:
  • Batch release testing
  • Stability testing
  • Dependent demand management (reagents, standards, diagnostic media…)
  • Regulatory and R&D support
  • Supporting lab operations
QC and supply chain planning: tips and tricks for an effective integration


Bonus: two innovations:
  • Taksado: estimating workload without estimating workload
  • Gamified planning: keep your lab engaged for delivery

Register for June, Thursday 15th, 16:00 CEST // 9 AM EDT

Register for June, Tuesday 20th, 17:00 CEST // 10 AM EDT

About Binocs

Binocs is our flagship collaborative resource planning platform co-created with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies. Binocs gives you the visibility on incoming demand and corresponding workload from different sources. The solution aligns the workload with the available capacity of knowledge workers and instruments. Binocs lets you create solution scenarios and define actions to solve projected capacity problems.

About Bluecrux

We are a team of talented experts with a passion for business and supply chain operations. At bluecrux, we all share the same drive and ambition to improve processes and optimize performance. From concept to implementation and beyond, we aim for durable change and sustainable business transformation. We work for leading companies and can be proud of a strong client base. End 2016, together with Bridgestone, we received the “Project of the year” Supply Chain Award. This year we are nominated as finalist for the European Logistics Award.

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Binocs aligns resource demand and capacity.

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