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Events  » December 7, 12 or 13 - 2017 - Webinar - organized by Bluecrux    

Free Webinar - Leading KPIs optimize your lab performance. Learn about this new concept.

Free Webinar - Leading KPIs optimize your lab performance. Learn about this new concept.

Most KPIs reflect the past performance, based on past workload, performance and operational circumstances

  • Leading KPIs predict future performance based on your projected situation:
  • Leading KPIs visualize past & expected lab performance
  • Compare future projections with past performance in a seamless way
  • Predict inconsistencies in the forecast, overload, service level problems and bottlenecks
  • Immediate Insights in backlog evolution. How big is the “work in progress”? Is it being pushed forward systematically?
  • Analyze on root causes and act before its too late

During this free 1-hour webinar, you will learn how leading KPIs allow you to look forward, quantify projections and act early so you create value instead of losing it.

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December 7 - 17:00 CET // 11 AM EST
December 12 - 16:00 CET // 10 AM EST
December 13 - 17:00 CET // 11 AM EST

Who should attend? Who should attend? QC directors, laboratory directors, laboratory managers, lab systems managers that want to extend their horizon

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About Binocs

Binocs is our flagship collaborative resource planning platform co-created with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies. Binocs gives you the visibility on incoming demand and corresponding workload from different sources. The solution aligns the workload with the available capacity of knowledge workers and instruments. Binocs lets you create solution scenarios and define actions to solve projected capacity problems.

About Bluecrux

We are a team of talented experts with a passion for business and supply chain operations. At bluecrux, we all share the same drive and ambition to improve processes and optimize performance. From concept to implementation and beyond, we aim for durable change and sustainable business transformation. We work for leading companies and can be proud of a strong client base. End 2016, together with Bridgestone, we received the “Project of the year” Supply Chain Award. This year we are nominated as finalist for the European Logistics Award.

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Binocs aligns resource demand and capacity.

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