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Prepare for take-off

Our business consultants and software engineers are ready to assist you during your project preparation. We will provide you with all of the necessary assessment templates and business case examples. You will obtain your proper Binocs sandbox and we will help you to configure your proof-of-concept.

We’ll go in 3 steps:


  • Will collaborative workforce planning improve your business performance?
  • How does this initiative rank in your improvement project portfolio?
  • What is the potential business case and ROI for work force planning?


  • Does BINOCS offer the appropriate functions and features to realize your business case?
  • Working together you can configure a part of your business context in BINOCS as a Proof-of-Concept.
  • How will BINOCS integrate into your company’s IT landscape?

GO !!

  • Get the stakeholders on board.
  • Scope your workforce capacity project and make the project charter.
  • We will provide a comprehensive quotation for the Binocs subscription and services
  • Ready to implement!

Start the journey

A typical Binocs journey:

Implementing resource planning

Kick start

  • Your Binocs environment is available as of day 1
  • Train key users
  • Configure teams and services
  • Capture a high level of demand
  • Bulk upload demand from planning systems
  • Run and verify your first resource plans
  • Implement your first resource capacity decisions


  • Fine-tune your team services
  • Fine-tune short to mid-term demand
  • Extend the foot print: add demand channels and teams
  • Make full use of the power of workforce planning scenarios


  • Establish recurring resource planning and scheduling processes and achieve business benefits in a recurring way
  • Involve stakeholders and attain indirect business benefits
  • Automate interfaces with other IT applications, as needed
  • Integrate BINOCS results into performance dashboards and processes


Here’s how we can help you making Binocs sustain in your business.


  • Lifetimes of experience in planning processes.
  • Assistance in defining the correct scoping and business case.
  • Coach managers, project members and key users to help them implement workforce planning.
  • Program and change management.

Implementation support

  • You have access to good practice documentation on how to implement workforce planning.
  • Assistance for data preparation and upload in BINOCS.
  • On-site and web-training services.
  • Setup and implement KPIs and governance to ensure sustained benefits.

Software development

  • In collaboration with your IT team, design and develop interfaces between BINOCS and other business applications such - as ERP, quality management systems, PLM, LIMS and project portfolio management software.
  • Training your IT staff on using the BINOCS API (Application Programming Interface).
  • Design and develop BINOCS plug-ins that meet your specific business needs.

A show case on Binocs features but also share implementation experiences...

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