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6 steps to next level resource planning in QC lab

Easily cope with today’s lab complexity and volatile demand using Binocs.

binocs screenshot: demand is everywhere
See the occupation of a variety of regulatory affairs roles such as pre-clinical, clinical, CMC, labeling, production, engineering and project management

Pharma - Global Quality Control - 650p - 45 teams - 100.000s of tests/year - demand sources are release testing, stability and projects

Struggling to efficiently plan your resources?
Are your teams in constant fire-fighting mode?

QC labs need to increase analyst and asset utilization, improve first-right-time and decrease lead times. With Binocs resource planning tool, you create an optimal flow of activities in your lean lab.

  1. No more firefighting, you are in control of the work planning
  2. Collaboration between teams never was this easy
  3. Teams can estimate their work more quickly
  4. You get the transparency you need to report on your lean lab’s efficiency
  5. Easy to use via a user-friendly, always available web-based interface

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30' business value track
90' sightseeing track
  1. 1. Consolidate demand

    Structure demand and demand sources in one consolidated view

    • Automatically capture demand through system integration (ERP, LIMS)
    • Upload from files (xls,…) or add and change manually in the user interface
    • Include any sort of demand, such as lot release and product stability testing, deviation and out-of-spec investigations, method validations and transfers, instrument and facility qualifications or calibrations, regulatory activities, reagent and standards management, ...
    More detail on demand in your QC lab
    binocs screenshot: demand is everywhere
  2. binocs screenshot: demand is everywhere

    2. Manage availability

    Manage team competences and availability in one single place

    • Compose teams and define their qualifications
    • Take into account all types of unavailability and leaves
    • Easily exchange resources amongst different teams
    • Keep track of it all in one single place
    Dive into availability for QC labs
  3. 3. Model to be lean

    Focus on lean improvements only by modeling and standardizing work

    • Model and standardize workloads, timings, batch sizes, instrument constraints,…
    • Calculate the impact of test optimizations end-to-end
    • Focus only on improvements that really make the difference
    More detail and info on services in QC labs
    binocs screenshot: demand is everywhere
  4. binocs screenshot: demand is everywhere

    4. Create reports

    Create endless reports providing you full operational visibility

    • Shape reports via dashboards, views, pivot charts and tables
    • Know your QC and its resource planning inside-out
  5. 5. Anticipate with what-if

    Build multiple “what-if” scenarios to anticipate on challenges

    • Play around to calculate the ROI on all and any scenario to identify potential issues such as reduction of lead times, impact of new product introduction, enlargement of test capacity via training, extra technicians, etc.
    • Compare solutions to decide upon the best option
    binocs screenshot: demand is everywhere
  6. binocs screenshot: demand is everywhere

    6. Track progress

    Make sure things get done

    • Provide comprehensive tasks lists for teams, cross-departmental
    • Track the work progress and keep your finger on the pulse
  7. Project approach: start small, win quickly

    Introducing a new way of working has never been a burden in Binocs implementation projects. The Binocs team helps you to focus on the most important QC services first, paving the way to success. Even when you start small, you can immediately make important efficiency progress visible in your organization.

    “What if” you could stop firefighting?

    Some of the world's biggest brands trust Binocs to plan their resources. View all bluecrux clients.

    • GSK
    • Pfizer
    • UCB

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