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April 30, 2017: Some nice enhancements that improve data visibility in demùand and reports

Immediate insights in the execution progress of your demand

In the demand tree, for a demand folder, you’ll get a consolidated view on the execution process of the demand items within this folder and it’s sub-folders. This is how it looks:

Demand folder gives immediate insights in demand progress

The format of the progress highlighted in the picture above is “x/y Done”. The following business rules apply to calculate x and y:

  • x is the count of all forecast and tracking demand items that have the status “Done”

  • y is the count of all forecast and tracking demand items that have either of following statuses: ReadyToBePlanned, Wait, In progress and Done

  • Counting x and y applies to the folder and all sub-folders.

  • Demand that with a status “In Editing” or “Draft” is considered as incomplete and therefore not counted.

  • Demand that with a status “Canceled” are considered as not needed and is therefore not counted.

  • Milestone demand items are not counted.

Folders that have all demand items “Done” will obtain and different icon (folder with check symbol) and a label “(All Done)”.

Extra info in Actuals Analyzer

The Actuals Analyzer now also contains the “Assigned Resource” as a selectable field.

An extra for the Analyze button

When a new analysis has been calculated, the system hints you by means of a tool tip to refresh your data.

Update demand and resource analysis tool tip

Binocs aligns resource demand and capacity.

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