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What’s cooking for June

The upcoming June release’s got a sweet set of new features I’m excited to share with you.

Timephased expertise input

In previous versions of Binocs, requested expertise is spread (=automatically divided) between requested start and finish without an option to specify when you need the expertise exactly.

Now a user can quickly define when (which week, month, quarter) you need how much expertise (hours, days, fte) in an Excel like input screen. Drag and drop and copy/paste work as expected to give you a fast and easy user experience.

Timephased expertise input

Optimally using your screen size

We also added a feature to use your (big) screen to its full extent. Binocs will check the size of your screen and adjust accordingly.

Bigger screens show 30% more demandlines

OLD Old demand screen

NEW New demand screen

Enhanced report visibility

OLD Old analyze screen

NEW New analyze screen

The usual suspects

These updates, along with a batch of the usual speed enhancements and bug fixes, will make Binocs better than ever! We will deploy this mid June and keep you posted.

Binocs aligns resource demand and capacity.

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