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BINOCS is a cloud solution
for resource planning and scheduling
that aligns the work demand with resource capacity
of knowledge workers and equipment.

Start the Digital Transformation of your Organization today

Gartner positions BINOCS as an enabler for the Lab of the Future

QC labs

  • Enhances Lean Lab
  • Prioritizes across multiple channels (release, stability, lab support, etc.)
  • Capacity planning + detailed scheduling
  • Analysts and equipment
  • Integrates with LIMS and ERP

R&D Labs

  • Connected to PPM to generate demand automatically
  • End-to-end resource requirement visibility
  • Immediate insights with what if scenarios
  • A balanced set of KPIs to drive your performance


  • Dynamically allocate slots based on constraints
  • Integrate and harmonize operations across the supply chain
  • Schedule in real-time, identify and resolve conflicts
  • Plan and forecast slot capacity based on anticipated demand

Regulatory Affairs

  • Syncs operations across the globe
  • Seamlessly integrates CRO activities
  • Operating model-based
  • Automatically generates RA demand from your RIMS.

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Resource planning software – solve your capacity problems for good

Do you want to significantly improve the performance of your organization and optimize the planning and scheduling of its resources? Did you try numerous different methods, but you’re still not happy with the results? Try BINOCS – an innovative tool for resource planning and scheduling in the cloud. We are proud to say that BINOCS is used by many fortune 500 companies, of which many are in the top 50 Pharmaceutical global players. Our clients include brands such as  Novartis, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Eli Lilly, Bristol Myers Squibb, Avexis, Merck, and Philip Morris International. Join them and experience the benefits provided by our cloud planning software. The BINOCS Cloud Solution is the result of co-creation workshops with customers and the hard work of dozens of software developers, trainers, coaches, implementation consultants, and product managers. With all our stakeholders, we continuously improve our resource planning software and ensure it meets the evolving user’s needs and benefits. Try for yourself!

Change your approach to resource planning

Excel, PPM, or maybe plan board tools – chances are that you have already used various planning instruments in an attempt to optimize your organization’s resources. But did it work? Was it sustainable? Not for our clientsuntil they discovered the innovative approach that BINOCS brings. With five unique elements, BINOCS changes that game of resource planning and scheduling.

  1. BINOCS generates work demand automatically based on a machine learning-based operating model that describes work patterns. This reduces the effort to maintain your demand picture
  2. BINOCS uses advanced algorithms to match demand and capacity. But BINOCS deals with the work of human resources. The BINOCS is the only solution in the market that uses AI-based algorithms that consider job-rotation, preferences, and employee well-being.
  3. BINOCS is master in planning the interaction between scientists and analysts and the instruments and equipment they are using
  4. BINOCS has unprecedented what-if scenario features that allow you to find realistic solutions for resource capacity issues
  5. BINOCS delivers compelling drill-down performance dashboards that keep delivery teams focussed on the business that matters.

Fit every crucial task in your delivery plan

Are you wondering if BINOCS is suitable for your organization? Our cloud application is a perfect match in an organization that relies on critical knowledge workers to deliver on strict due dates. More than 800 teams in areas such as laboratories, research and development, clinical operations, regulatory affairs, engineering and cell and gene therapy delivery rely on BINOCS to ensure on-time delivery with an optimal throughput and efficiency. 

If you have any questions about BINOCS resource planning software, please contact us – we will be more than happy to tell you more about the functioning of our product.