Rooted in co-creation

BINOCS took root when GSK and Pfizer wanted to make better use of their knowledge workers. Together we defined an approach and a software tool to support the new processes. Today, new features in BINOCS continue to be developed in co-creation with our clients, because we believe this is the way to innovate.

For specific industries

Based on our lifetime of experience in the life science industry, we know what the strategic business requirements relating to resource planning are and have built BINOCS to support those particular situations.

User, user, user

Consumers have organically adopted apps that are simple, elegant, and effortless. The same should hold for enterprise web applications. That’s why we built BINOCS with a sole focus on the user. And rest assured: we strive constantly to hone, refine and improve BINOCS.

BINOCS is a cloud software application developed by bluecrux. Bluecrux builds tomorrow’s value chains for a better future. We satisfy the need for digital transformation by offering premium consulting services to rethink business models, by building resilience in supply chains with our digital twin technology, and by digitalizing organizations’ resource planning and scheduling processes.

And that’s where BINOCS took root.

Is co-creation in your DNA as well?

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