Adam Lester-George

Key take aways from CAR-TCR 2022

From September 19th to 22nd, members of the BINOCS team attended the Seventh CAR-TCR Summit in Boston, MA. BINOCS was present as an exhibitor and attended talks from across the 8 topic tracks alongside approximately 1,000 other in-person attendees from across the industry, including several existing BINOCS clients. The CAR-TCR Summit is one of the […]

Top 3 reasons labs should embrace system-agnostic integration

In a recent white paper, we discussed The need to integrate multiple third-party systems into a comprehensive software network Each system representing a “best-of-breed” tool that has been optimized for managing specific aspects of the Quality information ecosystem The success of this ecosystem heavily relies on the seamless sharing of information between those tools In […]

Exploring the value of lab KPIs: asset utilization metrics

Continuing our series of monthly blogs on the value of different lab metrics, this post explores utilization KPIs. In contrast with the previous posts that presented quantitative measures of performance against benchmarks – for instance, monitoring due date adherence by comparing actual delivery dates against targets or analyzing actual performance against pre-determined figures – utilization […]