Understanding CAR-T

In June this year, we assembled a panel of experts for a discussion on the future of the CGT industry and how to improve patient access to these new treatments. A particular topic for consideration was the recent Stat News report that 1 in 5 cancer patients awaiting a CAR-T therapy will pass away before […]

3 quick wins to make your lab leaner

3 quick wins to make your lab leaner

When I was a Principal Consultant with BSM, I specialized in implementing lean methodologies at pharmaceutical QC labs. Much of the advice that I provided to clients involved establishing new strategies and processes that would often require institutional buy-in and, ultimately, resulted in fundamental changes being applied over an extended period. You can read more […]

Exploring the value of lab KPIs: due date adherence

Pharmaceutical manufacturing operates to tight deadlines, with regulatory approvals and supply chain logistics planned to a fixed schedule months or even years in advance. A pharma company’s Quality Control (QC) function serves a critical role in that manufacturing cycle, analyzing samples of the product to ensure that it adheres to safety standards and composition specifications. […]