Binocs in the fast lane: welcome to Frederik Jaenen and Daniel Urjais – and hello US!

7 May, 2018

Since it was launched in mid-2015, the Binocs cloud application for resource planning has enabled numerous QC (lab) teams, regulatory teams and R&D teams to match resource demand and capacity. Thanks to feedback and input from our clients, the tool has matured into a robust yet ever-evolving solution.

Hello new crew members

 width=Although Binocs is very user-friendly, applying best practices is still crucial for optimising the resource planning process. With 20 years’ experience in project management and business development, Frederik Jaenen will help our clients to define their plans and get the most out of the tool. Binocs also stands for integration with systems that initiate work demand, which is why Daniel Urjais will be an asset to our integration team.

Hello US

In April Binocs is heading for the States. Together with our business partner TagyanPoint, we are organising a roadshow in the Philadelphia area with multiple customer visits, and will be hosting the Regulatory Innovation Roundtable.

Binocs innovations: check!

Besides new people and new horizons, we are also working on some great innovations of the product itself. Coming up:

  • automatically generated project plans
  • best practices condensed into a comprehensive balanced scorecard
  • the first business gamification elements
  • Taksado: an innovative method of defining accurate standard work timings without the need for time-keeping.

Binocs is a web-based workforce planning tool. It aligns demand and capacity for global teams involved in R&D, quality control and regulatory affairs. Contact us to try out Binocs!


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