We were asked to set up the operational organization for a joint venture between two strategic partners in the cinema industry, focusing on customer centricity and aimed at creating surprising experiences in movie theaters.

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A world-leading company specializing in visualization solutions for the entertainment industry.


As we worked our way through the task of designing entire processes, drawing up tactical agreements, and identifying supporting roles and responsibilities, we had to take into account a major legacy from the “previous era”, while keeping the focus on customer centricity. Moreover, as relations with the founding companies will continue to be of the utmost importance, topics such as touchpoints, interfaces, data exchange points, and general visibility and transparency were not to be taken lightly.


We worked out best practices and innovative ways of working that seamlessly integrated with the parent company’s existing processes. Together with all of the stakeholders, we mapped all the processes in order to be able to match current needs and guarantee flexibility in the future. We assisted with the business case to select the right IT solution and subsequently translated the high-level process flows into detailed working instructions within the selected IT system.


  • clear, workable end-to-end processes and procedures throughout the entire supply chain
  • selection of the right IT system to support the companies’ current needs and future ambitions
  • map of the implementation journey

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