A game- changing market

With 900 advanced therapies currently under investigation and an expected 10 to 20 new therapy approvals each year from 2025 onwards, cell & gene therapy is going fast. But, it brings its own set of unique challenges to adapt.

one-patient batch

… it’s a mind shift in terms of how to organize the production process.

Disintegrated supply chain

…from patient journey platforms to the production shopfloor: there’s a lack of integration.

every slot counts

…optimizing capacity utilization is more important than ever, especially as there is a lack of capacity and every product slot counts

High variability

… as the supply chain has a lot of moving parts, which are hard to predict.

How Binocs can help:

“Binocs is in pole position in ex-vivo CGT / advanced therapies with an installed base in both commercial and clinical production. Currently, there are 4 commercial production CGT sites that already use Binocs today and 6 leading CGT manufacturers that are evaluating Binocs as their supply chain end-to-end planning solution.”

End- to- end integration

  • Patient journey platforms (Trakcel, Vineti, in-house platforms, …) continuously & automatically synchronized with Binocs.
  • Seamless integration between Binocs & the production shopfloor (LIMS, ERP, AMS, …).

Dynamic site and slot allocation

  • Automatic site & slot allocation, based on configurable assignment rules, optimizing utilization rates.
  • Dynamic optimization as it continuously synchronizes with patient Journey Platforms, treatment centres (CRA) and the rest of the supply chain.

Projected slot capacity management

  • Get visibility on what you project as available capacity in (slots/day) for patients’ batches.
  • Handle exceptions better (cancellations, non-availabilities, holidays).
  • Utilize backup slots when needed.
  • An algorithmic projection you can trust (<> manual).

Automatic scheduling

  • Automatic day-to-day scheduling across all teams.
  • The digital schedule board makes your planning transparent & easy to distribute to your teams.
  • Re-shuffle the schedule in real-time to deal with changes in the planning.

End- to- end visibility

  • Track progress & get real-time visibility across your different patient batches.
  • Track individual patient batches and ACT.

Operating model management

  • Incoming patient batches automatically translated into sequenced and integrated production steps, QC operations, …
  • Easily scalable: from scheduling one team, to scheduling a multi-site supply chain.
  • Configure the rules and applicable constraints to calculate “Capable-to-promise”.

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One connected plan

  • Connected planning horizons: detailed scheduling and capacity planning
  • Connected teams, across the globe
  • In sync with your LIMS and Supply Chain Planning

Zero input

  • Teach the machine how you work
  • Map testing and non-testing activities to obtain the full picture

Immediate insights

  • Find the capacity root causes at a glance, but…
  • Also find the solutions in the blink of an eye

Forward looking KPIs

  • A balanced set of KPIs to drive your performance
  • Unleash your performance dashboards

Blogs & cases from the field

Binocs is pleased to announce the appointment of Akshay Peer (Ph.D.). As a co-founder of TrakCel, Akshay has spent his last 8 years working closely with a large number of CGT developers and associated organizations. He was instrumental in growing the company from 2 employees......

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