New things meet resistance – we deal with it

With BINOCS comes a new process and a new tool. It’s easy to assume your people will like the new way of working because it’s more efficient or helps to deliver more on time. But often they just get used to something (old systems/way of working) and that’s what they prefer. Comfort and familiarity over better or worse.

A systematic approach: MOUNTK

So what we need is a systematic approach to embed the change in the organization and make it stick, long after we’re gone. That’s where our award-winning MOUNTK methodology comes in.

New habits

We work with your people to help them acquire new habits and adapt new ways of working. You can train your brain to do things differently than before. The trick is to develop habits that allow you to move from the consciously incompetent to the unconsciously competent.

MOUNTK change management in Binocs

Acknowledge resistance

Resistance can take many forms: from people who are reluctant to accept any kind of change, to the forerunners who invested in earlier change tracks and don’t have the heart to climb that mountain again… We deal with naysayers of all kinds. If we manage to convert them, we send a powerful message to other team members.

Tools to manage all this

Do you want to manage all of the above in a structured step-by-step approach – integrated and coordinated with your project activities? At every stage of your project, MOUNTK offers the necessary tools, for example to identify change impact, to gage the change readiness of your stakeholders, and to structure and measure their capability growth.

MOUNTK change management in Binocs

We’re here for you

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