Binocs User Meeting 2019

May 21-22, 2019 |

Location: Off Out of the Office, Wavre |

Organised by: Binocs

The first Binocs User Meeting… We’re thrilled to bits!

The past four years have been a chain of excitement and challenges. Together with our clients, we have shaped the functionality to a future proof solution for knowledge worker resource planning.

The market signals are stronger than ever and teach us that this is just the beginning. In the 4th industrial revolution, the knowledge worker plays a lead role. Organizations are looking for solutions that help in realizing advanced forms of collaboration and new levels of business integration that embrace complexity.

The Knowledge Worker Return on Asset is the new KPI.

Our loyal users, you might not be aware, but you are part of a community that is shaping the future. Industry watchers like Gartner look at your Binocs project and tag it with “The Lab of the Future” or “The Digital Knowledge Workplace”.

Keep on shaping and sharing! Don’t miss the Binocs User Meeting.



Day 1 starts with plenary sessions after which you can set a path that matches best with your role and interests. We offer three Trails within each one a series of presentations, round table discussions, product clinics or courses. Of course, you can switch between trails.



Day 2 is learning day. We offer free training. The advanced stuff goes in the Product Trail. Choose the Discovery Trail to get introduced to using a new Binocs component.