Let’s get Phygital

October 20, 2022 |

Location: Hybrid |

Organised by: bluecrux

About the event

Get ready for the 5th edition of Let’s get phygital on October 20th (2 PM CET – 8 AM EST) and dive into the fascinating yet complex world of value chain transformation to discover the latest trends and challenges in the industry. In short: how to connect the dots in a complex world.

You’ll get actionable insights from global companies like Oatly, Beiersdorf, and Johnson & Johnson, and we are also proud to have Mark Gallagher, former executive in Formula 1, on board as our exclusive keynote speaker.


Event program

2 PM CET – 8 AM EST: Let’s get phygital – our 5th anniversary

by Koen Jaspers, CEO & Co-founder of bluecrux, and Indra Dewitte, host


2.15 PM CET – 8.15 AM EST: Driving Business Benefits from the Pace of Change

by Mark Gallagher, Managing Director of Performance Insights & Formula 1 Executive

Business models break, new ones develop, technology evolves, and regulations are revised. Every industry is witnessing change, and Formula One is no different. In his opening keynote, Mark Gallagher will discuss the transformation and changes in sustainability the motorsport will make in the coming years for the cars, teams, events, and World Championships. Get yourself inspired to apply some key takeaways in your own business as well!


3.15 PM CET – 9.15 EST: Coffee break


3.30 PM CET – 9.30 AM EST: Oatly’s road towards Integrated Business Planning

by Masoud Zanganeh, Director of Integrated Business Planning at Oatly, and Hendrik De Cuyper, Head of Sales Anaplan at bluecrux

Moving away from functional silos in a jungle of spreadsheets toward Connected Planning on Anaplan allowed Oatly to see the effect of changes & external events throughout the organization. We’ll share the enablers & pitfalls for a true agile implementation and how creating internal capabilities can be a driver to ensure the advanced planning system remains in lockstep with your ever-changing business processes.


4 PM CET – 10 AM EST: Expect the unexpected – the Beiersdorf digital planning transformation

by Ralf Wielage, Head of Supply Chain Planning & Information Management at Beiersdorf, and Ben Van Lancker, Head of Planning Manufacturing at bluecrux

Discover how Beiersdorf’s Digital Planning Transformation project fits into their digital ambitions for 2025. In this session, you will learn how the project supports the Beiersdorf strategy by making people their key focus in the planning transformation. You will also learn how Beiersdorf set up an agile pilot to feed that planning transformation and boost early adoption.


4.30 PM CET – 10.30 AM EST: Johnson & Johnson and LOP.ai – Towards a top-end performance twin of their value chain

by Philipp Von Arnim, Business Excellence Site Lead JSC at Johnson & Johnson, Valérie Vandenbroucke, VP LOP.ai at bluecrux, and Falk Lenk, Supply Chain & Operations Professional at bluecrux

While it is a no-brainer to up the game for a struggling operation, how do you further develop an already top-notch site? In this presentation with Johnson & Johnson, we’ll showcase the structured diagnostics from LOP.ai’s analytical capabilities, providing an all-round performance twin of their value chain. Next, we’ll explain the processes that drove effectiveness throughout the entire value chain, increasing overall efficiency and resulting in sustainable end-to-end reliability.


5 PM CET – 11 AM EST: Coffee break


5.15 PM CET – 11.15 AM EST: We got phygital, but that’s not all…

by Koen Jaspers, CEO & Co-founder of bluecrux, and Indra Dewitte, host


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