What is included in the annual Binocs subscription?

The annual subscription includes:

  • Cloud infrastructure at Microsoft Azure (webservers, algorithm servers, database servers)
  • Right to use Binocs software for agreed #Binocs FTE
  • Unlimited users
  • All software upgrades
  • Right to use the Binocs API
  • Upgrades to the Excel Add-in that accesses the Binocs API
  • 2nd line support for 2 customer points-of-contacts, next working day response
  • Backups (daily full back, hourly incremental backup)
  • Access to the software security audit reports upon request

What type of services come with Binocs?

Bluecrux is the company behind Binocs. We offer the full span of services to make your resource planning process a sustainable success. Services include:

  • Expertise consulting for your business domain
  • Business process design
  • Training
  • Implementation support
  • Project/program management
  • Software services for integration in your enterprise IT infrastructure
  • Change management using our MOUNTK methodology for change agents
  • You can use all our templates, training material and communication tools
  • Planning-as-a-service: our experts help you with your planning cycle. They evaluate your data and help you to find solution scenarios.

Contact us for a detailed quotation.

Can we implement Binocs ourselves?

Sure. Some users had Excel based solutions before and knew well what they wanted. Taking the step to Binocs is quite easy in such cases. If you consider that you’d still have to evolve a bit on the planning maturity scale, we can work out an implementation plan where you play a lead role and we provide you with the support, tools and expertise to make your project team shine. Please contact us so we can show you some examples how we collaborated with our customers. We can also put you in touch with them so you can exchange ideas and experiences.

How do we implement on an international scale?

Most of our clients are global players. At Bluecrux we are used to work around the globe. For the US and Canada, we collaborate with TayganPoint Consulting, who are experts in program and change management, trained in Binocs and experienced in resource planning. We combine on-site presence with many other collaborative platforms such as Skype, Webex and Lync. If you’d prefer to include a local service partner, we’d be glad to evaluate that with you.

Can I install Binocs on my own server?

Binocs is a cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) platform hosted in a secure third-party cloud infrastructure provided by Microsoft Azure. We’ll take care of performance, scalability, availability, data management, monitoring and upgrades so that you don’t have to.

Will my data be private and secure?

Whenever your data is in transit between you and us, everything is encrypted, and sent using HTTPS. User passwords are stored encrypted. Binocs data is stored in our secured database. Our software security is regularly audited by an external independent company and our processes are documented and followed-up in an auditable quality system.

Can I integrate Binocs with other applications?

You can easily interface your existing Excel sheets as well as setting up more robust integrations with enterprise applications such as ERP, project software and HR systems using the Binocs JSON API (Application Programming Interface).

For the IT guys: It’s a REST API which uses user generated API keys (= Token-Based Authentication). All API requests use SSL.