Running a scenario becomes common sense

The business doesn’t stop changing. New tests, re-organized teams, a new product, a merger, … Binocs lets you create scenarios where you play around and simulate your what-if questions. You can compare the outcome and propose the solutions that go best with the company’s strategy to your management. It’s so intuitive that you only have to be an expert in your business. Binocs just follows your mind.

What if…

  • What if a new product development (NPD) is postponed?
  • What is the impact of new product introductions on other R&D projects?
  • What kind of profiles do we need to engage to meet the due dates.
  • What if we train extra team members on an experiment?
  • What if we reduce the duration or workload for a standard task?

When facing capacity issues you can propel ideas in Binocs scenarios and it’s made clear if the solutions will work considering the bigger picture.

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