All important sources of demand consolidated

Binocs consolidates all sources of demand for labs:

  • Lot release and product stability testing
  • Test demand from experiments and clinical trials
  • Method development, validations and transfers
  • Instrument and facility qualifications and calibrations
  • Support for regulatory operations
  • Reagent and standards management
  • Environmental testing

Capture bulk demand from LIMS and ERP

Binocs uses existing business systems such as supply chain planning (ERP) and LIMS to capture large volumes of lab demand. It’s typically used for batch release and stability testing and all transferred in seconds using the Binocs API.

An intuitive user interface for demand entry

Users can enter specific lab demand for projects or experiments manually as well. It’s intuitive and fast. Users love the intelligent search features that brings them directly to where action is needed.

Give demand visibility to your organization

Binocs aligns with your demand business processes. You assign the demand managers, who contribute to defining demand and who can consult demand information. But one thing is certain, all users look at the single version of the truth.

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