Gartner picks up the relevance of resource planning in QC and R&D labs and positions BINOCS

5 February, 2019

Geert Vanhove

Co-founder and Executive VP of BINOCS

In a recent report, Michael Shanler summarized recommendations for the digitalized lab of the future. (“Life Science’s Lab Informatics Digital Criteria to Separate Vendor Leaders From Laggards”, 20 December 2018, link requires registration).

When we scan for visionary reports on lab informatics, we get stuck in LIMS, LES, ELN and lab data management. The same topics as 5 years ago, 10 years ago, …

Relevance of resource planning in QC and R&D labs

On the other hand, companies such as UCB, GSK, Pfizer and Merck KGaa have discovered that labs cannot anymore support a volatile supply chain or R&D plan in an efficient way. They made their business case for resource planning and scheduling for analysts, technicians and equipment and added Binocs as a critical component in their lab IT landscape.

Our first installations in labs were live already in 2016 and all installs are still in full use. Today we have more than 80 lab teams planning their capacity with Binocs. The signal-to-noise ratio finally seems to be high enough to reach the Gartner radars. Michael, you made my day!

Lab leaders, don’t wait to book a discovery tour!


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