Binocs is an awesome company!

State of the art SaaS scheduling & planning software

You’ll work on a state-of-the-art SaaS planning and scheduling software solution with a relatively small agile development team (<15 people). You’ll be able to take full ownership.

With clients like Pfizer,Merck, Novartis … and many others, you’re literally helping companies that are solving the Corona epidemic (and many other health challenges).

Software with impact

A net optimized salary & great perks!

Due to the innovative nature of our product, our developers are eligible for IP ruling (tax decrease = higher NET wage). Your package includes an end of year bonus, a company car, the hardware you need, and meal vouchers.

We provide the best laptop (Macbook,Dell XPS,…) with all tools (VS, Jetbrains,…) and peripherals (2nd 4k screen) you’ll need to deliver your best work.
With e-learning subscriptions (Pluralsight,Egghead,…) and a budget to spend on conferences or classroom trainings, you’ll have plenty of learning opportunities.

Tools & learning opportunities

The finders fee.. How does it work?

When your developer friend applies, he/she will be asked to give your contact details (email and telephone).

When we hire your friend, we’ll contact you to wire you the finders fee.

We’re not only paying you, but your developer friend receives the same amount as a signing bonus!


A developer yourself? You receive your own finders fee on top of your signing bonus!

Who are we looking for?

We run on the following stack: Angular 8, .NET, SQL Server, Azure

The team carries the whole product. From building new features, fixing (support) bugs, optimizing queries to maintaining Azure. We don’t silo within the team.

We’re not going to lie: we definitely have some legacy code, but because of our modular architecture, we are still able to work with the latest technologies and play with the latest innovations

The product owners are closely involved with the development team. You’ll always have a clear view of the direction the product is going and why.

The hiring process?

The hiring process includes a technical test & evaluation, so you can already get familiar with the source code!

CV screening


Technical test



What is Binocs?

Binocs is a Bluecrux product

It’s an innovative cloud solution for resource planning and scheduling that aligns the work demand with resource capacity of knowledge workers and equipment.

(Automatically) scheduling your QC lab resources with Binocs

Capacity planning with Binocs

They already use Binocs

** The finders fee offer does not apply for agencies

*** To be able to pay-out the finders fee we need to collect the national insurance number (rijksregisternummer), full name & address of the finder.