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Align your resource demand and capacity

Binocs is a web-based resource planning and scheduling application that aligns the work demand and capacity of knowledge workers. Binocs takes your existing planning tools to a next level and is specifically designed for QC labs, R&D, regulatory affairs or multi-project environments.

QC labs

  • Enhances Lean Lab
  • Prioritizes across multiple channels (release, stability, lab support, etc.)
  • Capacity planning + detailed scheduling
  • Analysts and equipment
  • Integrates with LIMS and ERP


  • Covers project and non-project activities
  • High-level and detailed planning mixed depending on needs and maturity
  • Integrates with PPM tools such as PlanisWare.

Regulatory affairs

  • Syncs operations across the globe
  • Seamlessly integrates CRO activities
  • Operating model-based
  • Automatically generates RA demand from your RIMS.


  • A platform for resource managers and project managers
  • Competence-based planning
  • Instant order promising
  • Planning adherence and throughput KPIs

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