Using a data lake to integrate supply chain with QC • GSK

Want to see how GSK Pharma Biologicals saw a 62% reduction in average release cycle time and a 13% increase in analyst utilization 12 months after implementing BINOCS?

GSK Pharma Biologicals rolled-out BINOCS in their QC lab network of 4 labs across US and Europe. The key to their success was the “data lake“, an information hub connecting all sites & systems.

This implementation is an excellent example of how digitalization seamlessly integrates QC labs with the supply chain for short-term scheduling and long-term planning.

In this case study, you will discover:

  • How GSK scheduled tests, tracked testing and measured performance BEFORE
  • What problems GSK ran into
  • Why GSK chose BINOCS
  • KPI results 12 months after implementing BINOCS
  • The different steps leading to the implementation of the data lake
  • Lessons learned along the way