Workforce Capacity Management for telecom engineering

“Workforce capacity planning is essential for our coverage extension program!”

Head of network engineering
Leading telecom company

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    Binocs is the easiest and most automated workforce capacity management cloud platform

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    Demand visibility &


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    Same people, multiple projects

    You need to plan people with different areas of expertise, on different projects in parallel, and still deliver everything on time.

    Different horizons

    Budget exercise in the long term, prospects in the midterm and confirmed projects in the short term. No matter what the horizon, you need the visibility to deliver.

    Present workforce plans

    When you prepare workforce capacity decisions, 95% of the time is spent on arranging Excel data. Not anymore with Binocs.

    Visualize your past and predict your future performance. The digital twin of your workforce.

    Focus on creating value, not on verifying data

    Teach the machine how you work

    In Binocs you can describe your operating model. For example, what is the sequence of the activities for installing a new set of lines and how does this vary by region, installed infrastructure etc.?

    Binocs will capture work demand from the field service system, combine that with forecast and update the work sequences dynamically. All automatically. Without user input. For hundreds of thousands of projects of work orders of different types.


    Optimize outsourcing

    How much training activities are needed and to which contractors can this be assigned? Binocs predicts and gives you immediate insights to close better deals and stronger partnerships

    Operating model workforce capacity management for telecom engineering
    Operating mode workforce capacity management for telecom engineering

    Run scenarios to prepare strong decisions

    Ask the million- dollar question: What if…

    What if this forecast will be higher?

    What if we outsource?

    What if a project gets pushed or delayed?

    What if…

    Binocs runs a clever workforce planning algorithm that draws your attention to capacity issues that matter. Using scenarios, you’ll discover how many people and which skills are needed.


    And find the solutions in the blink of an eye

    It’s good to be aware of the issues. It’s even better to propose realistic solutions and action plans to your team and your management. Because scenarios are so easy and fast, you’ll run most of them instantly yourself. No need to wait for the expert.

    Connect project leads and resource managers

    Goodbye silos. Hello collaboration

    Project managers: define your resource needs

    • Define resource needs over a certain period of time: quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily.
    • Request specific expertise or people to your project (s).


    Team managers: check what’s on your plate

    • Team managers/ members see instantly what’s on their plate.
    • Are they over- assigned or is there still some room to tackle things?
    • Let Binocs show and propose who can take on new projects.
    Connecting project leads workforce capacity management for telecom engineering

      Free Webex presentation...

      30' Business value overview90' Value overview and demo