Below an exhaustive list of all bugs solved in the 2021 August release:

3241 – Fixed bug that it was possible to set the type of an ‘in progress’ demand item to forecast via API
4891 – Fixed visualization bug: after multiselecting items and setting them to done, some items were still shown as ready to be planned
5077 – Fixed alphabetical order of dataset types in dropdown
5211 – Fixed issue that light blue and light green always appear twice next to each other in the Explore reports key
5290 – Added error message when dates uploaded via automation are invalid (eg: 31/02/2021)
5309 – ISMS: javascript files are stored in our own environment
5431 – Fixed visualization bug: splitting/duplicating activities in schedule removed all past linked scheduled activities from the view
5469 – Added error message when a column in a rule-based dataset with OM business rules is not a tag
5489 – Fixed visualization bug: in some cases the fill rate and samples left were not calculated correctly in CM after calculating campaigns
5622 – Improved performance when emptying custom tables with a large amount of rows

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