Below an exhaustive list of all bugs solved in the 2021 December release:

3934 – Fixed bug where user without capacity editing rights was able to update the day-to-day roster
4094 – Fixed bug where repeating the roster of day-to-day availabilities was creating duplicates instead of overriding the existing data in the TeamMemberShifts and EquipmentShifts native tables
4500 – Limited the activity name length to 250 characters, preventing the native table update to fail
5299 – Fixed bug that automation runs were stuck in the state ‘Active’ while they were completed, preventing from running other uploads
5509 – Fixed bug where filters for tags in demand were not taken into account when another filter was added in the search box
5654 – Added the hours left for equipment in the schedule dropdowns
5705 – Fixed issue where after sharing a team member and setting default gross availabilities, the value of the past weeks was updated as well
5849 – Added a queue for automation operations to avoid creating duplicates when runs are triggered at the same time
5853 – Fixed bug making automation uploads to scenario’s impossible when specifying team member codes
5860 – Fixed bug that setting actual end date via automation API didn’t remove demand item from the schedule
5913 – Updated the layout of the tree view of teams in the campaign manager
5934 – Fixed issue where automation upload to a scenario could sometimes fail without giving an error message in the log
5957 – Fixed bug where the filter in tables/datasets/widgets/workspaces overview was not visible after a refresh, but was still active
5966 – Updated the dropdown of category selection in custom tables so no scroll bars appear on the page
5971 – Fixed bug that showed ‘not categorized’ as default filter in the datasets, tables, workspaces and widgets overview, while all categories were shown
5975 – Fixed bug where data added to a scenario with automation would also add it to the baseline when no manual adaptations were made in that part of the scenario before the upload
6005 – Fixed bug where folder dates were not updating after deleting demand in the folder
6018 – Adapted the name of the worload balancing parameter from ‘Scheduler balances daily workload across team members’ to ‘Scheduler balances shift workload across team members’ to better express the functionality
6106 – Fixed bug that workview and analysis rights were sometimes not taken into account for Explore reports when viewed in workspaces
6110 – Added an error message for automation uploads when trying to upload a demand line with a service code, but without a team name
6138 – Fixed bug that activities with an at least and an at most constraint waiting for an activity without team member workload were not scheduled correctly
6155 – Improved performance of the platform where it was running slowly in specific cases when working with rule-based datasets
6184 – Fixed bug that services with activities using an equipment type that only has D2D availabilities in one specific shift were sometimes not scheduled

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