Below an exhaustive list of all bugs solved in the 2021 October release:

2717 – Fixed bug that filtering on service tags was not working in competences search box
3064 – Fixed bug that failure ratio was not taken into account for the workload shown in the demand tree
5017 – Fixed bug that scheduler crashed when some activities didn’t have a shift assigned
5413 – Prevented from saving templates with more than 1500 demand lines, which caused performance issues
5419 – Fixed bug that queries using ‘select *’ sometimes didn’t return right output after adding/removing a tag category
5480 – Fixed bug that typing quickly in the schedule search box resulted in filtering ‘List of late’ instead of the searched text
5491 – After changing a team member from team, not sharing him/her anymore, or set him/her to inactive, future custom activities assigned to the team member are deleted (instead of hidden)
5505 – Fixed bug that schedule due date was not correct for services with shift constraints
5648 – In schedule details, tag values are not wrapped on the “-” character anymore
5687 – Added error when trying to save a Binocs-specific tag category used in the Campaign Manager
5709 – Added “-” as a valid character to use in business rules tables
5711 – Fixed bug that workspaces with certain reports built on specific datasets could not open
5718 – Added “|” as a valid character to use in business rules tables
5765 -Fixed bug that capacity planning didn’t assign workload correctly when multiple team members were assigned to an expertise that is not spread equally
5766 – Fixed bug in the schedule that services with waiting constraints were not scheduled when equipment does not have D2D availabilities in all shifts
5785 – Fixed issue that Unicode characters were displayed as ‘???’ in custom activity descriptions after running the schedule
5854 – Fixed bug that after uploading a new team via API, the demand planning module was set on no

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