From long and mid-term planning to short term scheduling all in one system.

It’s been a fantastic year so far. We’ve made a ton of improvements already, but we’re only getting started. Normally we release new Binocs updates every few weeks but now it’s been a while.

But no, we didn’t stop improving Binocs and we’re not slowing down our development efforts. We’re closing 2016 with a major bang. We’re adding day-to-day scheduling. In doing so we’ll be able to deliver a true end-to-end resource planning system. From long and mid term planning to short term scheduling all in one system.

By looking at the long and mid-term you will be able to solve the critical resource issues long before they cause problems. And with the new scheduling features, Binocs will also help you schedule your people (and equipment where necessary) on a day-to-day basis. You’re in control but assisted by a powerful optimization algorithm.

With the critical problems already solved on the long term and the help of the automatic schedule engine on the short term, creating a realistic team schedule that takes into account the cross-organizational priorities will be a matter of minutes instead of hours!

We’ll release the scheduling module once the calendar hits 2017, but I already wanted to give you a sneak peek on the new possibilities.

Where is the win?

  • Improve on your Service Level Agreements
  • Meet more due dates and deadlines
  • A better adherence to schedule and reduced noise in the end-to-end delivery
  • An improved employee motivation because they have clear view on what to do and why
  • Increased team productivity
  • Continuously learn and improve based on a rich set of information and KPIs

What will it do?

  • Provide a personal schedule to your team members so they know what to work on and when for the coming days/weeks.
  • Considering priorities, scheduling constraints such as task dependencies, competences and availabilities.
  • Automatically create an optimized day-to-day schedule fast
  • Capture actual workloads and monitor your workforce efficiency
  • Provide an intuitive user interface to adjust the schedule

… and do all this in just a fraction of the time it would normally take today

The result of the scheduling

The result is a personal schedule for each team member showing what he or she should be working on in the coming days. This personal schedule can be shown and edited via a large touch screen, iPad or PC or can be interfaced to any Excel or existing system you already have.

What we’re adding to make scheduling in Binocs a reality?

  • You can define constraints on the different activities of a service. E.g. a double check can only be done if the results are treated and can’t be performed by the person that treated the results)

  • If needed, you can favor certain team members to be planned on certain tasks

  • Based on the input, Binocs automatically proposes a daily schedule, but you can change anything you want. If you introduce problems (e.g. overallocation, constraint breach, …) Binocs alerts you immediately. You can rerun and adjust the schedule as many times as you want.

  • And off course we made sure it’s super easy and fast

This is off course only a sneak peek. We’ll release it in January 2017, but if you’re already curious, don’t hesitate let us know and we’ll be happy to give you a demo.

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