We want you to have something to look forward to during the christmas break. When you come back at work in 2018 some very interesting new features will be available in Binocs. Everything we’ll share below will be available the 8th of January 2018.

Sorting demand

After a while the order within a demand channel is not structured anymore. But due to the vast amount of lines, drag and drop isn’t cutting it. We’ll add an option to sort demand on requested start, requested finish or alphabetically. If you do this on demand channel level, all folders, subfolders and demandlines will be sorted. But off course only within their folder itself (they will not suddenly move to other folders).

Show number of late demand items in a demand folder

The dates of a demand folder only color in red when one of the children is later than the maximum requested finish of the folder. This is not always giving the indication we want (do I have a lot of items late in this channel, folder, subfolder). Therefore we’ll add this late information in red next to the folder description.

Expertise input on daily level

The lowest level for expertise input was weekly till now. Some users want to be able to indicate the specific day(s) where they need the expertise. This will be possible from now on.

Reordering activities within a service

You’ll have a move up, move down option per activity in a service. No more deleting and recreating activities to get the order you want.

Team member filter in competences

You’ll be able to filter the competence matrix on a team member. That way it’ll be easy for example to say: show me all competences that Jack does not yet have. A user request to make 1 on 1 meetings easier.

The schedule will be Restfull

Restfull means that the urls of the scheduling screens contain all selected filters, sort order or tabs (this was already the case for all other screens). That way it’s easy for a team member to save a link in the the browser to a schedule filtered on his/her name. Everytime you go to the link, the schedule will be pre filtered on the name.


  • API to rename demand channels
  • API to automatically upload unavailability events to the schedule
  • Other small bugs that will be fixed are communicated to the requesters via support.

So there you have it! We think you’re going to love this new stuff moving into 2018.

Wishing everyone the best!

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