We’re constantly asking ourselfs how can we make Binocs easier and more simple to use. So we simplified a couple of things for demand:

  • Now it’s dead simple to analyse demand
  • We simplified priority overwriting
  • We 10x-ed the speed to check the change history of a demand line

Simplified demand analyzer

In the past only analyzed/planned demand appeared in the Analyze demand report. A lot of demandlines were not in the report such as:

  • done/cancelled demand lines
  • forecast items in the past + consumed forecast

This made it difficult to have one complete picture of the demand in Binocs. Moreover you had to analyze actuals (the lines that are done) in a seperate report (called Analyze actuals).

We made it simpler! All demand lines in Binocs are now in the Analyze demand report. You’ll have one complete demand view in one report.

There’s one exception. To avoid bloating the report we added a system parameter to set how many weeks in the past Binocs looks back. (note: if you set this to 0 weeks you’ll have the same analyze demand information as before this update)

For those that used the analyze actuals report, this will no longer exist. It’s integrated in the analyze demand report. You’ll have the same calculated values as you used to, but now all in 1 report! (just filter on status Done and you’ll have the same info as in the analyzer actuals report you used to have)

Simplified priority overwriting

When you create demand within a demand channel, all demandlines (folders and demand items) will inherit the priority of the demand channel. But you can overwrite the priority on any lower level as needed.

When we look at this example a number of folders have a priority that overwrite the priority of the demand channel.

In the past there was no way to adjust the overwritten priorities in one go. Now we implemented 1 simple rule: when you adapt the priority on a higher level, this will overwrite all priorities of lower levels.

For the example this means the following. Change the priority of the demand channel to 40:

Clear and simple right?

Fast demand history

For each demand line you can check who changed what when. This is done by clicking see history in the demand detail. It took a while in the past to load the history screen, but with this new update it’s at least 10 times faster.

The breadcrumbs

In addition to the major improvements above, we’re shipping smaller updates, fixes, tweaks, and performance improvements as well. We’ve especially enhanced some API possibilities to make the life of the developers that connect other systems to Binocs easier.

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