The Schedule board

Users of the Binocs scheduling module are quite satisfied with the results. It works well, but it lacked that visual touch people were used to when they had a planning board or Excel template.

From now on, you’ll be able to manage and more importantly communicate the schedule in a board view in Binocs. All controls (adding, deleting, filtering) you have on the schedule list are also available on the board.

Assign multiple people to the same demand line

In Binocs you can assign a demandline to a team member which will make sure the algorithm only plans this person for the given task. However sometimes you want to indicate that a task is done by 2 or more people and they each do their part.

We introduced an extra option to assign a demandline to multiple people where you can indicate the part of each team member in percentages. (e.g. OSO: 80% JLA: 20%).

This is not the default behaviour, so we made it possible, but not in your face obvious to avoid confusion for users that don’t need this. How? Click the label Assigned in the demand detail screen and a new team member selector will appear.


  • We increased the speed of the manage expertise pop up
  • You can now filter the schedule on filter item types
  • We worked a little bit under the hood to prepare new stuff that’s coming.

We think you’re really going to like it.

Questions? Comments? Let us know. Thanks again for using Binocs!

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