Hey all! Check out the improvements we’ve made (and new features we’ve added) since April. Everything listed below has already shipped and is available in Binocs.

Full Excel export

Although the Binocs and Excel pivot charts are very similar, we’ve got users that want to further explore data in Excel because that’s their familiar environment or they want to combine Binocs data with data from other sources. We’ve added full Excel export which contains all raw data. Now you can play with the pivot chart directly in Excel.

Table view for capacity analyzer

Sometimes you want the hard numbers instead of a graph. Now you can switch to table view in analyze capacity.

Extra option for the planning algorithm

Binocs uses the average batch size configured in the service detail to calculate workload, which is constant. But sometimes, in reality the average batch size changes in periods of peak demand.

For environments where this is the case we added a second algorithm option (configurable in the system parameters) to dynamically calculate the average batch size based on the demand per week.

Wondering which option to choose for your environment? We’ll gladly help you and explain consequences in more detail!

Service tags and service activity tags in the workload analyzer

From now on service tags and service activity tags are available in the analyze workload reports.

Ctrl + click fixed

Lots of users like the standard browser functionality of ctlr + click. Holding down the control (ctrl) button while you click a link opens a new tab. For example while you’re in demand, ctrl+click the service catalog. Now you can switch back and forth between the tabs.

There was only one problem. Ctrl+click in Binocs did not keep the scenario you were in. We fixed this.

Full demand list in demand search

In demand search you can now multi select demand channels to search in.

Documentation accessible from the Binocs app

In the upper right corner, you now have a direct link to the Binocs documentation.

June’s approaching fast. More updates to share in about a month! Thanks again for using Binocs!

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