We developed new Binocs capabilities and can’t wait to share them with you. The release is planned Friday, May 24th (6 pm CET+1). If you want to take a look, the features are already available in your UAT environment.

Team capacity data source

  • If you’re using Explore already, you’ll have a new dataset Team capacity
  • This dataset holds the same information used by the Analyze capacity report
  • But by having it as a dataset you can now build your own pivot reports on top of it.


  • Give the top 10 teams with the most free capacity in a certain month
  • Give me a matrix of the non-plannable percentage per team in one overview
  • Do a team by team comparison of planned workload vs free


Export service catalog

  • The service catalog now has ‘Export to excel’ functionality
  • This will give an Excel overview of all configured services with their activities (1 line per activity)


Cleaner system parameters

  • Over time system parameters were added one by one, which led to an unclear overview of what parameters are available
  • We have grouped the different parameters logically to give administrators a better overview and control


Equipment scheduling: the right way

  • You can define equipment in Binocs and request equipment in the service activity, but the equipment was not scheduled.
  • To schedule equipment, you needed a workaround with ‘fake team’ members (explained here)
  • Say goodbye to the workaround. From now on equipment can be set up and scheduled properly in Binocs.
  • No worries if you’re using the workaround. It will still work, so you can migrate to the built-in equipment scheduling at your own pace.

Logged in user

  • Small change, but with a positive security impact
  • You see the user that is currently logged in at the top of your screen
  • This way you’re sure you are the logged in user


All team members and equipment visible in the plan board

  • Today only team members or equipment that have an activity planned are visible in the board
  • From now on all team members and equipment of your team will be visible in the plan board.

That’s not all…

Or actually, it is for this release. But the development team is working hard on the release of the performance twin that will be revealed on our Binocs user meeting.


So there you have it!

Wishing everyone the best!

The Binocs team

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