One of the main goals in 2019 is to take Binocs reporting to the next level. In the coming months, we’ll be gradually releasing new features to make your data more insightful and easier to analyze.

As part of our March 11th release, an improved analyze feature will be installed. This feature solves some of the most requested report features reported by the Binocs users.

Challenges that will soon belong to the past

  • As a report user, I don’t know if I need to go to Analyze demand, Analyze workload or Analyze schedule to see the report I need?
  • How do I change the description of a saved report (configuration)?
  • How do I edit a saved report?
  • What report am I looking at?
  • How do I build a report from scratch?
  • Is this a shared report or private for me?

Report Mode

  • Instead of 3 analyze menu items (team workload, demand, schedule), there will be only 1 menu item leading to the following report page.
  • The user can choose the report he/she needs in the centered title dropdown without questioning is this a demand, workload or schedule report

Edit mode

  • Go to edit mode via the edit report button (screenshot below)
  • Change the report name, the dataset behind the report (team workload, demand, schedule) and see/edit if the report is private or shared with all users
  • The extra report options (grid, charts, options etc.) are immediately available

  • Note that there’s also a button in report mode to create a new report from the configuration you just created or to start creating a report from scratch.

How to transition?

With the release of March 11th, the extra menu item will be added, but the old menu items will remain. This way you can gradually train your users.

An option will be added in the system parameters where the administrators can choose when to remove the old menu items. April 22nd the menu items will be removed automatically (and also the system parameter).

What’s next?

In the coming days and weeks, you’ll receive more info about the other things we’re cooking up and write up a more in-depth article on how to use the reports 2.0 in the Binocs knowledge base.

Let us know what you think!

Thanks again for being a Binocs customer.


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