The Christmas break is coming! When you come back to work in 2019, we’ll have improved the reports quite a bit (speed and new possibilities). What we show below will be available on the 24th of December 2018. (December 17th available on UAT)

New improved analyze capacity report

  • Previously the Analyze capacity report only showed on time vs late. From now on you can choose the grouping field (e.g. one of your tag types). You can also decide if you want to see fte, hours or days. Note: on time vs late is still the default report setting

  • It’s much easier to see the planned workload versus the available capacity as they are seperate graph bars.
  • Whereas in the past the timeline was fixed you can now analyze as many weeks, months and quarters as you want. But you can easily zoom in if needed…
  • You even have an option to show the non-plannable capacity

The current Analyze capacity report will be replaced by this new report. As this is new, we understand if you want some transition time for your users. So we have put in place 2 transition measures:

  • Administrators can decide when to switch on this new report via system parameters. Only when they switch it on, users see the new report
  • Once you’re using the new Analyze capacity report, every user will see a link at the top right corner that can still show the old report.

The transition measures are removed February 15th, 2019. So by then, everybody that has not switched to the new reports will be automatically migrated.


Faster Analyze demand and Analyze workload report

Clients are analyzing more and more data in Binocs. This is, of course, a good thing, because that’s what brings value. However, users start to notice that loading times increase. For some of the clients, the loading time is just too long.

To solve this, we have switched the technology behind the Analyze Demand and Analyze Workload report. This which will improve the loading times drastically.


Milestones in Analyze demand

While we were adapting the Analyze demand reports we also added the possibility to report on milestones.

Hope you are looking forward as much as us to see these changes in effect.

The Binocs team

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