We’re close to finishing up a batch of great new Binocs features and enhancements. We’re planning on launching it in 2 weeks (Monday 26th of february), so we wanted to give you a thorough preview before it shows up in a browser near you.

Gantt charts are coming

When checking a demand folder with a number of demand items or even multiple folders, it’s not as easy as it should be to see the relationship between the items. A very popular user request is to visualize this as a Gantt. We’ve added a gantt overlay in the demand channel. That way you get the visualization, but you can still use the normal controls and detail screen.

We wrote about it in more detail in this blog.

Remark: You’ll receive a training video next week so you’ll know all the ins and outs of the gantt functionality before it’s released.

Shift and weekend scheduling

In environments where the scheduler is used, work is sometimes done in shifts (early, late, night) or during weekends. We’ll add the possibility to indicate who works on what day and in what shift and schedule automatically accordingly.

Folder forecast tracking?

It will be possible to make a complete folder tracking or forecasting with one click. Even more, when you add new demandlines in such a folder they will inherit the type of their parent folder as well.

Ease of use when changing requested dates

From now on it will be a lot easier to change requested demand dates. You’ll see in one glance the requested start and finish, the span between the two and you’ll be able to change both in one control. We’ll also add a button +1 week and +1 month to be able to shift demand items super fast and swift.

Select your demand deliverables

When you use demand deliverables and you add a demand item, by default all deliverables are selected. This results in the fact that its not possible to make a distinction between case 1: I didn’t select deliverables (I didn’t do anything)…. but by default all deliverables are checked AND case 2: I selected all deliverables. From now on when you create a new demand item no deliverables will be selected.

A synchronization API for a more robust configurator

In environments where the configurator is used, a lot of synchronization work is done with external systems (PLM, RIMS, …) which can be sometimes error prone due to the vast amount of data going up and down. We have developed a new API to make this synchronization process much more robust and transparent. Although the API is available, we will discuss with each client when and how to include this in the current process. So nothing will change on the day of deployment.


  • In a scenario Non-admins should be able to create a demand channel
  • Fixed user rights to edit equipment hours in services
  • Delete deliverables in a service

A number of training videos will be sent to you prior to the deploy to get you familiarized even more with some of the new enhancements.

Thanks for following along, and thanks for all the feedback along the way.

All the best,

— The team at Binocs

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