The development team is working tirelessly on the performance of the Binocs platform. They are working on some structural changes that we will test and roll out in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, some smaller stuff is ready and will be deployed to the Binocs production server, Saturday October 5th (8am CEST). Everything you read below is already available on UAT.

Easier filter on custom activities

  • With the previous release, we introduced custom activities in the reports (for scheduling users). From user feedback, we learned that it should be more clear what the custom activities are and make it easier to filter. So we added the filter to (un)show custom activities

Report category

  • New field in report creation: When you create or edit an Explore report you’ll see a new field Category. In future releases it will be used to group reports together and to structure them differently (e.g. order of report dropdown, easier search, …). For now, the field is not yet used in selections. You can leave it empty or add categories for later already. 

Small visual updates

  • Darker blue and orange: the blue and orange in the reports (e.g. team capacity, explore, dashboard) are a little darker to be aligned with the Binocs branding.

  • More legend in Team capacity: When there were more than 10 categories in Team capacity the legend wasn’t shown anymore. Now it’s capped at 100, to make it easier to filter and adapt the report

  • Explore icons updated: the arrow and filter icons in the pivot tables and charts are updated

  • Removed Analyze workload: the unused link Analyze workload is removed from the service detail screen

Dashboarding in the Performance Twin

  • Performance twin users can now create dashboards



  • We fixed a few issues related to services with lots of team member constraints (for scheduling tenants)
  • If you change the status of a demand line to done or canceled, it will be removed from the schedule
  • Numeric tags are shown in the schedule again
  • Advanced search for service selection (when requesting demand) has improved
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