The Binocs Summer Release comes with some great new Binocs features.

The Performance twin 

Binocs new solution for Reporting and dashboards.

Within the performance Twin, you will be able to create your own datasets to report on, based on the native tables or on your own custom data tables.

To visualize, you can create your own dashboards in which you can combine the different reports.


For example:


The Following native tables are available in the performance twin and in Explore (reports)

  • Activities
  • Availabilities
  • competences
  • DemandBatches
  • DemandFolders
  • DemandLines
  • ScheduleCustomActivities
  • Services
  • ServiceTeams
  • SharedTeamMembers
  • Teams
  • TeamMembers
  • Users

If you want to discuss the possibilities of the performance twin, please contact your account manager

Explore – Reports 

We have added 2 new types of reports:

  • KPI Reports
  • Bar Charts

Clear split of schedule and capacity data in reports

Binocs now makes a clear distinction of the schedule and capacity data in his reports.

Within the system parameters, you are able to setup the period you want to show the Schedule or the Capacity Data.

For more information, see article

Advanced search 

When a service is requested for a demand line, an advanced search has been added. In this advanced search, you can search for a service with specific service tag values defined. More info in this article 



  • It will be possible to run the schedule today from a specific shift. More information in this article
  • Demand Codes in the detail of the scheduled list are links so you can easily access the demand from the scheduled list.
  • Faster loading of the schedule
  • In the scheduled board, only activities from shared analysts will be shown when they are shared today or in the future
  • Recurrent activities are only assigned to the team member if he/she has a shift assigned on that day


Via the Binocs APIs you can return the notes on the scheduled activity

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