Before going into holiday mode, the Binocs development team has installed the new features announced in our previous update. Let me quickly summarize what that means for you.

New improved capacity analysis report

The new Analyze capacity report is ready. In this report it’s much easier to compare the planned workload to the available capacity AND you can choose how you want to show, slice and filter the planned workload.

You can switch “on” the new reports in the system parameters (default false). Note: after switching you should run a new analysis to see the changes in effect.

The setting is a transition measure and will be removed February 15th, 2019. By then, everybody that has not switched to the new reports will be automatically migrated.

Faster Analyze demand and Analyze workload report

We’re rolling out the new faster reports client by client. We have already migrated some selected clients and will continue migrating during january 2019. We do this together with you (Binocs administrators), so your Binocs contact person or support will get in touch beginning of january 2019. That way you can test on the uat server and plan the migration accordingly.

Using the new analyzers is not only faster (especially for clients with lots of data), we have also added the possibility to report on milestones in the Analyze demand report.

Christmas gift: See your whole team with less scrolling

When scheduling your team you sometimes need that overview of all your people to see who’s available to take on extra work or who’s overassigned. You used to need some scrolling to do this in the schedule board, especially when your people had multiple activities per day.

But now you can easily collapse the activities to get that team overview you need.

When you collapse the activities, the schedule of each team member is summarized in one card per day (e.g. 3 tasks per day, summing up to 7 hours of work).

You can easily uncollapse specific people using the arrows.

Improved accessibility for color blind people

Seeing if tasks are scheduled too late (or people overassigned) was difficult for color blind people as the only distinction was the red color of the date/name. So instead of text color, we now use red squares.

And as always some small bug fixes were installed

  • FIXED: Users using the equipment workaround had equipment activities scheduled today, but they were already done.
  • FIXED: It wasn’t possible anymore to change the show in schedule setting of a tag type
  • FIXED: when running the scheduler starting tomorrow, activities scheduled today were sometimes moved
  • NEW: extra API’s to shift demand folders in time and get planned workload per demand line

So there you have it! We think you’re going to love this new stuff moving into 2019.

Wishing everyone the best!



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