The development team is wrapping up a whole bunch of improvements on the scheduling module, but that doesn’t mean we forgot the other users.

This release is about style and small usability tweaks. We gave the reports a trendy overhaul, added sorting on the standard configurations and implemented demand item splitting.

New style for the reports

Following the latest design trends, we created a more trendy look and feel for the reports. A clear interface with more intuitive controls will highly extend the touch-friendly user experience.

Showing the details

Redesigned pop ups

Redesigned pop-ups for Filter, Conditional formatting, Calculated values, Fields List view – all these entirely touch-friendly navigation tools allow you to easier operate all the functionality that is offered.

Better focused report editor

Clear and more intuitive filter pop up

Stored configurations in alphabetical order

Changing the order of the stored report configurations is a hot request. We did not yet implement this, but from now on the report configurations are stored in alphabetical order. That means you can control the order of the list.

You can for example add numbers in the configuration name so they will appear in the exact order you specify or add a report category (A, B, C) before the report name to group certain configurations together.

Split demand item

You want to assign work to multiple people or just need to split a demand item? From now on it’s very easy.

  • select a demand item
  • click more
  • click split demand item
  • specify in how many items you want to split

This will copy the demand item the specified number of times and divide the quantity by the specified number. You can now assign each demand item to a different person.

This video demonstrates how this works in less than 20 seconds.

demand split from Binocs on Vimeo.

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