Constantly in firefighting mode

QC labs are constantly asked to increase analyst and asset utilization, improve first-right-time and decrease lead times. In practice, it means they constantly operate in firefighting mode.

Various demand sources

You have to try to release on time, work on stability, squeeze in projects – without mentioning non-testing activities.

Many competences

You need skilled technicians with the right mix of expertise to cover the different tests.

Too much administration

Too much manual administrative work to maintain lab efficiency, and an overwhelming number of Excel sheets to keep track of.

Correct execution

Above all, you need to ensure that samples are tested based on priorities, grouped efficiently while taking into account constraints.

Watch how Binocs solves this for you

With Binocs, QC labs have short-, mid- and long-term visibility into their resource needs and can plan/schedule analysts/technicians and instruments accordingly. All together in one place with a single enterprise-ready software solution: Binocs.

(Automatically) scheduling your QC lab resources with Binocs

Mid/Long-term workforce capacity planning

Anticipate capacity needs before they cause problems

All demand in one place with zero input

Release and stability interfaced from LIMS or ERP. Project work and non-testing activities are interfaced or entered in an user-friendly interface.


Capacity needs calculated automatically

Demand is translated into staffing (and instrument) needs based on the QC capacity model. The Binocs algorithm checks if there are enough skilled technicians and instruments to deliver on time.


Looking forward and act

Based on the reports you can then:

  • see evolution of on-time delivery and capacity utilization KPIs
  • identify training roadmap or outsourcing needs
  • prioritize and smoothen variable work load across sites
  • justify projects to improve productivity
Animation QC Labs

Day-to-day scheduling

Testing: who, when, and in what order?

Automatically schedule analysts and instruments

  • analyst competences constraint
  • non-testing time (lab support activities and unavailabilities)
  • execution constraints (e.g. double-check after execution)
  • priorities and business rules


Manually adapt where needed

A user-friendly web application, packed with visual cues and shortcuts, helps you to quickly adapt what you want – you’re still in complete control.



Communicate the schedule to your analysts. Everybody has one source of the truth, always up to date. The Binocs planboard is ready to be projected on screen or to be printed.

Run what-if scenarios

Use the numbers to decide

Anybody can run what-if scenarios based on real data to assess and discuss different scenarios.


What’s the impact of:

  • Volume or product mix changes, new projects or priority changes on our QC service level?
  • Analysts going on long-term leave (e.g. maternity leave)?
  • Training/hiring new technicians?
  • New test batching/campaigning strategies

All based on one QC capacity model

Model the tests and tasks

As a result of value stream mapping and touch time analysis, you can configure the way a test is executed. Binocs will use the configuration to plan and schedule the QC workload.


Each analysis has:

  • activities with duration and lead time
  • constraints (e.g. someone else should authorize after execution)
  • number of samples per run (for sample batching)
  • repeat rate
  • user-configurable fields (cost, value-added/non-value-added activities, activity type, etc.)

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One connected plan

  • Connected planning horizons: detailed scheduling and capacity planning
  • Connected teams, across the globe
  • In sync with your LIMS and Supply Chain Planning

Zero input

  • Teach the machine how you work
  • Map testing and non-testing activities to obtain the full picture

Immediate insights

  • Find the capacity root causes at a glance, but…
  • Also find the solutions in the blink of an eye

Forward looking KPIs

  • A balanced set of KPIs to drive your performance
  • Unleash your performance dashboards

Blogs & cases from the field

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