Complexity adds pressure

The era of blockbuster drugs is more or less over and as R&D departments shift focus to less common, more complex diseases, productivity in the lab is plummeting. This puts R&D departments under constant pressure to significantly reduce costs and improve their productivity.

Long development cycles

Life science R&D has long development/approval cycles and involves a lot of people (labs, CROs, patients, coordinators, doctors, scientists). It’s hard to maintain end-to-end visibility of who’s working on what.

Skilled people needed

Demand for skilled people is growing while traditional labor markets are supplying fewer people with the right qualifications and experience. What skills are lacking?

Specialty outsourcing

A rise in the costs of drug development has led to the increased outsourcing of specialty functions, especially those involved in drug development and clinical research. What and how much should be outsourced?


Projects are constantly being added, changed, stopped or postponed but it’s hard to keep this visible to the organization and reflected in capacity requirements.

How can you solve this?

Binocs is the easiest resource planning cloud solution for capacity and operational planning for R&D. It is at its best when it has to plan highly skilled resources that are active in a wide range of R&D development and approval activities.

Fostering a committed and high performing organization

Capacity planning with Binocs

Connected to PPM to generate demand automatically

Binocs automatically derives capacity requirements from the project portfolio management system using the R&D operating model. This operating model is a mirror of the PPM library but adds an operational layer below the work packages. It’s the benchmark of how an R&D department works, its lead times and standard workload.

Binocs generates resource capacity requirements automatically based on the operating model and specific project characteristics (e.g. bacterial vs. viral) repeatedly and on the fly

Binosc connects to PPM to generate demand automatically
Binocs give you end-to-end resource requirement visibility

End-to-end resource requirement visibility

Demand and resource requirements are consolidated across projects and functions end to end. When projects are added, changed, stopped or postponed it is visible to the organization and immediately reflected in capacity requirements.

Binocs uses a constraint based planning algorithm (resource availability and competence constraints) and raises alarms when activities cannot be performed within the requested timeframe. That means immediate feedback for APLs and scientists.

Immediate insights with what if scenarios

Unabsorbed project peaks, not enough scientists or just a massive overload in the pre-clinical phases? Functions will see the root causes of resource capacity problems immediately in Binocs.

It’s good to be aware of the issues. It’s even better if you can propose realistic solutions and action plans to your team and your management. Because scenarios are so easy and fast, you’ll run most of them instantly yourself. No need to wait for the expert.

A balanced set of KPIs to drive your performance

Whatever your past has been, you have an impeccable future

Binocs measures planning adherence as well as resource utilization and throughput. What’s more, it will tell you what the expected planning adherence and resource utilization KPIs are for the coming weeks, months and quarters.

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One connected plan

  • Connected planning horizons
  • Connected teams
  • Across the globe
  • In sync with your PPM

Zero input

  • Teach the machine how you work
  • Map project and non-project activities to obtain the full demand picture

Immediate insights

  • Find the capacity root causes at a glance, but…
  • Also find the solutions in the blink of an eye

Forward looking KPIs

  • A balanced set of KPIs to drive your performance
  • Unleash your performance dashboards

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