Maintain people performance with a realistic resource plan

Human capital is the most important and most expensive asset in engineering and consulting companies. However, the larger and more diverse the company, the more difficult it often becomes to maintain people performance.

Same people, multiple projects

You need to plan people with different areas of expertise, on different projects in parallel, and still deliver everything on time.

Different horizons

Budget exercise in the long term, prospects in the mid term and confirmed projects in the short term. No matter what the horizon, you need the visibility to deliver.

Present resource plans

When you need to present your resource plan, 95% of the time is often spent on collecting Excel files and arranging the data.

Watch how BINOCS solves this for you

Use BINOCS to save large amounts of time wasted in collecting data, analyzing, arranging and presenting resource planning data.

Fostering a committed and high performing organization

Capacity planning with Binocs

Connect project leads and resource managers

Goodbye silos. Hello collaboration.

Project managers: Define your resource needs

  • Define resource needs over a certain period of time: quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily
  • Request specific expertise or people for your project(s)


Team managers: check what’s on your plate

  • Team managers/members see instantly what’s on their plate
  • Are they over-assigned or is there still some room to tackle new things?
  • Let BINOCS show and propose who can take on new projects
Maintain people performance with a realistic resource plan

Immediate insights

Run a scenario in less than 10 minutes.

Ask the million-dollar question: What if…

  • What if a prospect becomes a project?
  • What if we outsource?
  • What if a project gets pushed or delayed?
  • What if…


And find the solutions in the blink of an eye

It’s good to be aware of the issues. It’s even better to propose realistic solutions and action plans to your team and your management. Because scenarios are so easy and fast, you’ll run most of them instantly yourself. No need to wait for the expert.

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Blogs & cases from the field

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