Duration: 20 minutes

Increasing your lab service levels and throughput starts with actionable KPIs.

But how can you make your lab performance KPIs more actionable? And how can you make sure you are making the right decisions today to reach your targets in the future?

Watch our #binocstalks webinar to discover some insights about the three layers of actionable lab performance KPIs:

1. Where should your reporting focus to achieve high-level visibility?
2. What actions should you take?
3. Will these actions have the desired outcome?

What will you learn?

1What to report for high-level visibility on your lab performance KPIs.

2How to perform diagnostics & root-cause analysis to identify potential ways forward to improve your lab performance.

3How to score & prioritize the potential ways forward: forecast the impact of all potential solutions, and select the best solution – optimizing return on investment.

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