How Labs Increased their Lab Efficiency & Service Level by 40%+

On-demand | Duration: 15 minutes

Labs want two things: execute samples with as little resources as possible (efficiency) and making sure they are executed without delay (planning adherence).

However, efficiency and planning adherence are in a constant ‘battle’: focus on efficiency too much, and service levels decrease. Focus on planning adherence too much, and efficiency decreases.

So the key question is: how do you find the sweet spot between throughput and planning adherence?

Key takeaways

  1. The challenges QC labs face when aiming to increase planning adherence & throughput
  2. How digital solutions can help to overcome those challenges
  3. Insights after investigating some Top 20 Big Pharma QC operations - how did their planning adherence & throughput evolved?
  4. Some hypotheses on how these labs achieved the results they did... And the role digitalization plays.

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